Cognitiv To Power IBM Watson Advertising!

We are all very excited to announce a partnership between Cognitiv and IBM.  Coinciding with the launch of the newly branded IBM Watson Advertising product suite, Cognitiv’s NeuralMind technology has combined with IBM resources to create two cutting-edge deep learning products for marketers.

As described in Adweek’s cover story this week, IBM Watson Advertising’s Bidding Optimization and Audience Targeting products will be driven by Cognitiv’s NeuralMind technology.  Since the beginning, Cognitiv’s mission has been to enable deep learning and deep reinforcement learning capabilities across all marketing platforms.  By integrating our technology, IBM Watson Advertising immediately gets access to the programmatic markets, dynamic audience scoring, and many more unique capabilities that Cognitiv has built over the last two years.  Cognitiv gains a powerful distribution and sales partner that will give many more marketers access to deep learning, the resulting unique algorithms (or Brand-gorithms), and the amazing results this new type of machine learning is already delivering to our current customers.

The entire team here at Cognitiv is so happy to be able to kick off Advertising Week in NYC with this great news!  We look forward to the amazing things we will be able to do for our marketers as this partnership continues to grow.  Look out for even more powerful innovations from Cognitiv very soon!

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