Weaponize Your Data

Harness the power of your data with the first neural network technology designed just for marketers.

Spend Money Only Where It Counts

Cognitiv recognizes, targets, and prices the impressions and customers most likely to lead to a conversion.

Your Custom Solution

Cognitiv's NeuralMind is self-learning and evolves into unique algorithms for each brand; it continuously gets more accurate over time.

Transform Your Marketing

Transform your marketing efforts with deep learning.

Your Data

Cognitiv analyzes historical engagement between your brand and target audience

Our NeuralMind

Our advanced pattern recognition predicts who will execute your desired action

Hyper-Optimized Marketing

Your marketing reaches a precisely targeted audience using optimal bid pricing

Just like the human brain, our NeuralMind gets smarter and more accurate as it gains more experience.





Increase automotive test drive signups

We analyze historical engagement with your brand

Cognitiv analyzed historical data for test drive signups for a luxury automaker; NeuralMind processed the data to find and predict which users were most likely to sign up for test drives, increasing signups by over 100%.




Increase return on ad spend per sale

Using advanced pattern recognition, you’ll predict who will execute your desired action

Cognitiv’s Impression Optimization drove 30% improvement in ROAS for the international retailer in the first month. As budget tripled, ROAS improved over 60% in the following months.




Decrease cost per credit card signup

Optimal bid pricing: your marketing reaches a precisely targeted audience


With the precise segment delivered by Cognitiv’s NeuralMind, the financial services institution targeted its intended audience with a marketing campaign, and decreased cost per acquisition by 75%.

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